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We are an authorized dealer of Generac Automatic Generators, and have factory trained technicians for automatic generator installation. We can perform the maintenance according to the manufacturer and provide any necessary warranty work.

Kelly Electric staff is here to take your call day or night. Our employees have all passed background checks, drug checks and child abuse clearances so you are assured of you and your families safety throughout the working process.

Installation of Small to Large Home Generac Generators

At Kelly Electric we help our customers select the size / kw of any automatic backup Generac generator required to keep the home or business running during the next power outage. We ensure the proper generator placement in order to meet NEC and township code requirements. In addition, we take care of the inspections and get the required electric and gas permits for the installation of small to large home Generac generators. We will also coordinate our work with any other contractors that are needed. Our estimated price will include the cost of the automatic generator, the generator installation (hook-up of gas and electrical connections), and the permits and inspections. We will explain and show you how the automatic generator works as well as provide the recommended factory maintenance, providing any warranty or service work you need – making this a simple process for you!

We offer financing for Generac automatic generator purchase, small to large home generator installation and other electrical projects.

Generac Portable Generators (Temporary Power)

    • This is the least expensive option for standby / backup generator power during a power outage.
    • To do this you need to purchase a portable generator, fuel & some cords.
    • You can run cords from your generator to the appliances that you would like to back up with your generator.
    • Or you can have Kelly Electric install a manual transfer switch with a weather proof generator outlet that you can run one heavy duty cord to the generator outlet, then turn on the circuits you wish to back up with the generator during the power outage.

Some Pros:

    • This is the least expensive way to back up your home circuits

Some Cons:

  • You have to be home to move the generator from your shed or garage and set it up & start your generator at least 10 feet away from you home.
  • Most of these units are heavy & require a pull start so it can be hard for some people to move and start the engine.
  • REMEMBER never run a portable generator inside your home as you can be subject to carbon monoxide gases / poisoning )
  • Also you cannot run the portable generator in the rain without some sort of weather proof enclosure
  • You have to refuel every 4 – 6 hours or run out for gas during the storm / power outage or keep a some gas stored in a safe place per OSHA & EPA regulations
  • Remember gas has a short fuel life of 3-6 months (so if you don’t use it, it can become unusable, also it can gel in the carburetor of you generator and it will not run)
  • If your do not run your portable generator every few weeks, you will not know if it will start we your need it.

Generac Automatic Home Stand By Air Cooled Generators

Air cooled stand by generators can back up everything from a few critical circuits to everything circuit in most homes through a smart automatic transfer switch and some load shed modules (although some larger homes may require a liquid cooled generator see below).

Automatic generators are normally set on a pad which can be a concrete pad, pea gravel pad, or a GenPad (which Generac makes for their air cooled units), it ties into your natural gas line at you home so you never have to worry about refueling that portable generator again and it has an automatic transfer switch which will tell the generator to turn on within 10 seconds of losing electric, power up the circuits on the generator panel & turn the generator off once utility power has been restored.

If you want to back up a few circuits like your furnace , sump pump, refrigerator, microwave, some lights and outlets then a 8KW generator will probably work for your home

If you chose to back up your whole house depending on size, type of heat and your AC load you can normally do this with a 16KW Generator 20KW Generator, 22KW Generator with some load shed options as needed.

Some Pros:

  • Turns on automatically within 10 seconds of losing power
  • If you are not home it will turn on and off automatically during a storm
  • These units have a weather proof enclosure and can run during any type of weather
  • With a natural gas generator tied into your gas service you never have to refuel like the portable units
  • Air cooled generators run a weekly test for approximately 15 minutes to exercise and make sure everything functions as it should.
  • You can also install mobile link which will alert you if there is a problem with the generator by sending a text or email to your phone or computer.Most air cooled generators have a service light on the side which tells you:1: Green means good to run2: Yellow means it will run but needs service3: Red means it won’t run and needs service now
  • If there is a problem like a low battery or oil level it will let you know through a code on the control panel.

Some Cons:

  • It is a more expensive option than the portable generator
  • It may not be large enough to run some large custom homes, or may not be large enough to run electric back up heat pump systems.


Automatic Stand By Generac Liquid Cooled Generators

You can power almost anything with a liquid cooled generator including large homes, custom built homes, electric back up heat pump systems, office & commercial buildings, schools , hospitals etc.

These Generac liquid cooled generators work just like the air cooled generators, they require concrete pads, they have automatic transfer switches which can tie into your natural gas which will turn the liquid cooled generator on within 10 seconds of losing electric & off once the utility electric power has been restored.

Some Pros:

  • These can run larger loads including air conditioning, electric heat for larger homes, commercial buildings & office

Some Cons:

  • They are more expensive to purchase than a portable or air cooled generator.
  • They cost more to install than a portable or air cooled generator


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