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8 ways to save electricity for Thanksgiving

This week marks the beginning of the year-end Holiday marathon that is Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Family, friends, and, of course, food will be bountiful as we all come together to give thanks and celebrate another year in the books.

And we wouldn’t be doing our job if we weren’t doing our research when it comes to saving you money on your energy bills! Holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas can be major energy drains, but there are small things you can do in the kitchen and all around the home to reduce your energy usage and save money – whether it’s your electricity or gas bill.

1. Lower the thermostat

If you’re expecting a large group of people for Thanksgiving, lower your thermostat a few degrees before guests arrive. We all know that people generate heat – the more crowded it gets, the less you need your heater to do.

2. Start high, then low

When you’re boiling liquid, put your range at its highest to reach the boiling point quicker. Lower the heat control setting as you go and let your food simmer until fully cooked.

3. Use the microwave when you can

Yes, there is a stigma attached to the microwave. However, if you can use your microwave over your oven as much as possible, then you’ll be saving energy. Microwaves draw less than half the power of your regular over, and they cook for a much shorter period of time.

4. Lids-on!

Keep lids on when cooking. Tightly fitted lids on pans and pots will keep the heat in, letting you lower temperature settings and cooking times.

5. Time your preheat efficiently

Contrary to popular belief, it should only take about five to eight minutes to preheat your oven. Remember: There’s no need to preheat for broiling or roasting.

6. Let food cool off before refrigerating

Let hot foods and liquids cool off before you put them in the fridge. Hot foods and loquids will give off vapors that make the refrigerator work extra hard. Make sure your food is covered with a lid or plastic wrap once it’s cooled.

7. Clean the oven yourself!

It’s tempting to use your oven’s self-cleaning cycle. But unless it’s a major cleaning job, it’s better to wipe up minor spills with a damp cloth. If you need to use the self-cleaning feature, do it right after cooking when the oven is still hot.

8. Don’t peek!

It’s tempting to open the oven door and check on the turkey, but limit it if you can! Every time you open the door, heat escapes and adds to the cook time.

From all of us at Kelly Electric: Happy Thanksgiving!